A trio of crackers, each filled with three uplifting bath fizzers.  Energising fragrances of lime, lotus flower and cedarwood, with essential oils of lemon and sweet orange create a spa like retreat at home.


Following on from the opulence of Atlas Silks and sophistication of Sakura Silks.  A final part of the journey transports us across the vast Pacific, through Central America and Machu Picchu to the crystal clear shores of Mexico and electric streets of Cuba.

Rhythms of Salsa fill the air whilst brightly coloured fabrics hang from pastel painted houses.  Tropical birds perch upon swaying palms where the jungle makes way for white sands and sparkling waters; cooling the senses and conjuring the feeling of faraway places where colour, heat and passion merge. 

Salsa Silks Bath Fizzer Crackers

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