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HUGO Woman Extreme is a blend of refreshing black tea and a bouquet of delicate flowers. The irresistibly fruity scent of boysenberries with a hint of red Himalayan grasses guarantees adventurous freshness. This confident female fragrance suits the modern, self-determined HUGO woman perfectly with its many facets. Refresh or restock your collection with this energising and feminine aroma.

As the scent unfolds, the power of the increased jasmine concentration liberates a white flower storm at the heart of the scent, delivering a refreshing boost when combined to the revitalizing black tea. like a flower in full bloom, its natural beauty reveals itself over time for maximum impact. rarely found at the base, the highly versatile oriental osmanthus flower adds a redefined sensuality with sophisticated notes that enhance the vibrant beauty of the other ingredients. The elixir encapsulated in a pink bubble shaped flacon is reminiscent of lightness and freedom and representative of the way the hugo extreme woman takes on life.

Hugo Boss Hugo Woman Extreme 50ml EDP Spray

SKU: EDP_F_19406_H002
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